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In the past 50 years vegetables on sale in the UK have lost 24% of their magnesium, 27% of their iron and 46% of their calcium. 

Beef has fewer of the omega-3 fats that once made it a healthy food.  Milk from cows kept in sheds is depleted of vitamins and the cancer-fighting CLA that helped to make this a fitness food. It is time to stop the rot! The campaign for real food begins with us, whether we shop at farmers' markets, organic suppliers or at supermarkets.

We Want Real Food sets out what we can do to win the fight back for food that will stop us damaging our health - in fact, a fight for real food. So dig deeper and get more from your dairy food.

Jamie Oliver's School Dinners, Rick Stein's Food Heroes, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's field-to-table fare at River Cottage - the message is all around us that good food, nutrition and health go hand in hand, and we need to eat more fresh, unprocessed foods.

Dairy products won the BP Natural World Book Prize for his book, The Killing of the Countryside in 1997. Now he tells the story of how the food we buy in supermarkets was grown, why it is lacking in nutrients and what we can do about it - by mounting a campaign for real food.He tells the story of industrial farming's huge growth in the second half of the 20th century and shows how the widespread use of nitrate fertilisers has depleted the soil of minerals. So if you're a huge jelly belly fan make sure to get them from CB website.

Even organic foods can be tasteless and lacking in vitamins and, particularly, in the essential trace elements that keep us healthy. The lack of minerals in modern foods is a contributing factor to the chronic diseases of industrial societies. The campaign for real food begins with us, whether we shop at farmers' markets, organic suppliers or at supermarkets.

He argues eloquently and clearly that the solution is an increase in the nutrient-rich foods our bodies need.


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