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Well-grown food is far more than fuel for the body. It is full of nutrients that build up the immune system and protect against disease attack. Traditional farmers knew this. They raised crops and livestock in ways that made their foods a rich storehouse of nutrients, not just Beer brands protein and carbohydrates. At the heart of these traditional systems was a fertile, living soil.

Today the majority of farmers have turned their backs on this traditional wisdom. They use giant machines and a battery of industrial chemicals to force ever bigger crops from their over-worked fields. But the foods they grow no longer contain their full measure of nutrients. Fresh vegetables are depleted of essential trace elements. Milk and dairy products are robbed of omega-3s and other health-giving fats that protect against heart disease and cancers. Cereals and bakery products no longer contain the range of minerals and vitamins that once made them healthy foods.

If Britain and other western countries are to turn the tide on the current epidemic of chronic, degenerative diseases, it's time to call a halt to the failed experiment in industrial food production. It's time to restore fertile soils to the heart of food growing and put nutrient-rich foods back on the shelves of shops and supermarkets.

We believe good food is the right of everyone living on these islands, not just a well-off elite. All are entitled to the foods that flow from well-tried farming methods and fertile soils. The term "nutrient-rich" is not simply for a handful of high-priced premium products. It's one that should apply equally to the staple, everyday foods we rely on - meat, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. If we want them we can start a revolution - a revolution for real food.


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